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When you pray, expect God to answer

"When you pray, expect God to answer." This statement is so very true. When you pray,

you need to expect God to answer and one of the major things I've learned is not only do I expect God to answer, but I choose to welcome the way in which HE sees fit to answer my prayers. Accepting the way He answers my prayer is all apart of accepting His perfect will for my life. Have you ever prayed to God and you thought the answer would come one way, and it came in a totally different, unexpected way? God is good to us like that. He wants you and I to know, at the end of the day He's God, He's just, He's sovereign, and He will use any way He chooses to give us the answers we are seeking. If you are seeking and petitioning God, rest assured He hears, He knows, He understands, and He will answer you. No matter what, keep your time in prayer with Him, talk to Him, and commune with Him.

As you pray, remember:

1. What the Lord has promised He will do, He will do!

2. There’s absolutely nothing too hard for Him.

3. Prayer changes things and it changes people.

4. When you pray, pray in faith, and pray for His will to be done.

5. God has people in place to touch and agree with you.

6. Pray with confidence and go boldly to His throne.

7. After you have prayed, wait and trust that God will answer.

Blessings & Love,


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