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Just have faith

Last week, my 10-year old had 3 upcoming tests and as we were reviewing and going over the study guides provided by his teacher, I found myself exhausted and just a little frustrated because I was struggling with helping him with the review and preparation process. If you know me and you know that I'm an educator, you know that yes...this study session was him was beginning to get the best of me! I couldn't believe it...after all it was 4th grade shouldn't be this hard right? The fact is, the content was a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. However, in the midst of my obvious frustration, my sweet boy looked at me, got up from the kitchen table, hugged me and said "Mama, just have faith." It was in that moment God flipped the script...I was supposed to be teaching and supporting my 10-year old and there he was teaching and supporting me.

I noticed throughout our study session, he was completely unmoved, unbothered and he had no signs of frustration and anxiety. In fact, as he studied, he took the time to work out math problems the way he'd learned to do them in my mind I'm thinking "...this is taking way too long" but in his focus and concentration, I watched him as he trusted the process...he trusted what he had been taught...and guess what? He worked the problem and it was correct! I learned so much in this moment. We have to trust God, we have trust what He's taught and shown us in His Word and go through the process knowing He's with us. It may seem as though it's taking too long or perhaps it's just too complex to understand or your can't quite comprehend. If this is the case, let us be encouraged to simply "work through it". We we earnestly put in the effort, giving it the best we have to give, God will reward us. If we work through it, and trust the process God takes us through we will come out victorious each and every time.

The morning of his test, I reminded Jeremiah of the words he spoke to me "...just have faith". I then prayed with him. I prayed that his faith in God would see him through the day and for God's favor to continue to rest upon him and that he have good success on all 3 of his tests. Be encouraged today. Just have faith. Believe that God will do what He said He would do.

Blessings and Love,


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