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What's new about you?

If you're like me, when you hear the word NEW, it sounds exciting and it awakens a level of expectation on the inside of you! God has been dealing with me for a few days about the word NEW. I've seen several prophetic voices post about the month of November being "NEWvember" and I truly believe that God is indeed doing a "New" thing. As I meditated on the word new, I found myself in Isaiah 43:19. The Holy Spirit began to speak to me about the word "new" and what He revealed to me was that "new" in Him is not to be viewed as some sparkly and shiny object, but the "new" is the inward work He desires to do in the lives of His people,

He then presented me with the question "What's new about you?" What has changed about you? What has been renewed and transformed in you? He also revealed to me that "new", while exciting, isn't always pretty. You see, new, forces us out of an old season, old space, old place, and old mindsets and as exciting as "new" sounds, it doesn't come without sacrificing or giving up the old. We cannot be so attached to the old that we don't embrace the new. We cannot be so set in the ways of old, that we don't see when it's time to shift or transition into the next level of new God has for us. Be encouraged today. Fix your heart to accept the new season God has for you. Fix your heart to accept the transition He has designed just for you to make you better and bring Him glory. What's new about you?

Blessings and Love,


Before you go, I would like to personally invite you to join me this Saturday, November 19th at 9AM for Be Well: A Virtual Forum Focused on Women's Health and Wellness! This is a FREE ONLINE event and I would love to have you there. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

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