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Thoughts on Grief

I usually schedule Monday mornings for a blog post. However, last Monday, there was no blog post. Last Monday, instead of the usual blog post I found myself dealing with the reality of the death of my dear Aunt Alberta. While she had some health challenges, we didn’t see this coming at the speed in which it did. Everything literally happened so fast, within a matter of a couple of hours on Sunday, December 4, 2022 at 4:47 P.M., she’d taken her last breath and she’s now resting in the Lord. So now, we find ourselves yet again dealing with grief. As I prepared to deliver her Eulogy today (December 12, 2022). A few things came to mind as it relates to grief that I feel worth sharing.

Grief doesn’t play fair, and it doesn’t care who you are. Grief will come as an affliction to make you lose sight of God’s glory. It wants to rob you of your joy, and it wants to keep you from glorifying God even in the midst of death. And while it is an unwanted guest, its presence works for our good because it puts us in a beautiful position to learn, know, and understand the love and sovereignty of God and allows us the chance to make the choice to intentionally seek, pursue, and hold on to the sweet gift of the fruit of joy. Death when done right by dying in the Lord, is a beautiful thing and in the words of my sweet Aunt Johnnie Mae (Aunt Alberta’s oldest sister) for those who are dead in Christ, “It is indeed a good day to be with Jesus.” Yes, we are grieving but grief has to leave when we take joy in knowing Aunt Alberta is having a good day with Jesus.

Blessings and Love,


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