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Last week, while at work, I was outside fulfilling my morning duties waiting for students to arrive (24 years in education). While outside, the grounds and maintenance employees were working on an outdoor fountain that generally runs throughout the year. All of the water had been drained from the fountain's pool and it appeared they were doing some repairs. One of the men proceeded to take a water hose that was previously attached and moved it across the grounds. I thought maybe he was getting ready to hook up the hose and

begin to run water back into the pool. Instead, he was just getting the hose out of the way to make room while they were working. As he moved the hose, one of the students looked at me and said with excitement "Water is coming out!". I looked at the student and replied "It's just residue of what was left inside. It's not attached to a source." From the students' view, it appeared that the hose was hooked to a water source and was running out about to make a huge puddle near where they were sitting. The residue of water left in the hose began to flow out, BUT eventually it stopped.

It stopped because it wasn't hooked up to a water source. In that moment, God began to speak to me about how important it is for the believer to remain connected to the source. He began to show me how many operate off a "perceived" anointing, but it's just a residue of what once was and there's no substance. There's no substance because they have disconnected themselves from the source and have chosen to walk in their own ability. Apart from God, we can do nothing.

There are those who think they are operating in the humbled will of God but in actuality it is false humility. There is only a residue of the oil that remains and after a while if not dealt with, even the residue will dry up.

God is rich in mercy and in grace and leaves the door open for repentance. If oil is to be restored, if there is a desire to receive a fresh anointing from God, then repentance is in order. God is not looking to us to have an outside "appearance" of belonging to HIm. The proof He looks for begins in the heart. It's easy to look the part of a Christian. But God is looking for us to "Be". Be Holy as He is Holy. Be the light. Be the salt. Just "Be". God wants His children to experience new wine which can only be poured into new wineskin because the old wineskin contains an old residue that can't be mixed with the new. (Matthew 9:17) Stay connected to the source (God), and things will flow as they should. Disconnect from the source, and you'll be left with residue that will eventually dry up.

Blessings and Love,


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