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Locked in

This weekend I took some time to reflect on the month of October as well as 2022.

God has done some amazing things this year but He kindly whispered to me “Though the year is close to the end…I'm not finished” I later heard the Holy Spirit say “Locked in” As October comes to a close and you look at the last two months of 2022 stay “locked in”. You are encouraged today to stay locked in. Stay tapped in to the voice of God and the move of

God. I believe the Lord is going to show Himself strong and mighty, accelerating and manifesting what He said would be for 2022. Be encouraged and hang on to the promises of God. STAY LOCKED IN, stay connected, stay faithful because God will do just what He said.

How do you stay locked in?

  • Stay focused

  • Remain steadfast and unmovable

  • Stay connected to Him

  • Abide in Him and let His Word abide in you

  • Pray and fast

  • Walk by faith and not by sight

Scriptures to encourage you to stay locked in:

Blessings and love,


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