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God, what do YOU want me to be?

A couple of Sunday's ago, I ministered to the youth in our church. The Lord had me to share a message with them, challenging them to seek the will of God for their life. So often, as a child, I was asked the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and depending on the age I was at the time, my answer would often vary. At 5, I may have wanted to be a princess but at 14, I decided maybe I'll become a nurse. My reality is, I didn't really know what I wanted to be. It wasn't until I submitted to the will of God AND wise counsel He placed in my path, He revealed one of my callings in life is education. It was around the age of 25 that I was called to teach with a speciality in computers and technology and I am still an educator 23 years later. At the age of 27, the Lord called me into ministry and I've just celebrated 20 years as a preacher of the Gospel. At the age of 38, the Lord called me to serve His people as a Pastor and I've just celebrated 9 years of see the pattern here? None of these milestones are milestones that I purposely set out to do but I was called (anointed) to do them.

After Saul's disobedience, the Lord chose for Himself a king. He sent Samuel to the house of Jesse and it was there that God would reveal who He had chosen as king. Samuel looked at all of the sons of Jesse and thought for certain one of them (because of their stature and maturity) would be the one God chose. But God, was not looking at the outward appearance, He was looking at the heart and He had chosen David. He chose David, the youngest of the bunch, the least likely, the shepherd boy to be anointed as king. Do you not know that God had a plan for you before you were formed in your mother's womb? God already knew His desire, purpose and plan for your life even when you couldn't figure it out on your own....He already knew. And guess what? He's not finished. It has not yet appeared ALL of the things God has purposed for you to do and to be. Be encouraged to live your life on purpose and in the will of God! When you do, you will see what God wants you to be.

Blessings and Love,


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